Airport pavements maintenance

Drawing on its experience with road surfaces, JB BONNEFOND has adapted its services and vehicles to meet growing demand in the airports sector.

Since 2014, the company has been operating in the market for water jet rubber removal and runway markings removal by water jet scrubbing, thanks to a new and more compact vehicle, the Rugor 3.

A new vehicle exclusively designed for airports, CLEANSTAR, was brought into service in 2016. This vehicle is unique, as it includes an integrated filtration unit for the process water.

A second similar vehicle, CLEANSTAR 2, will be brought into service in the 2nd half of 2017.

A team of 8 experts in the field is now available to respond promptly to airport operators' requests.


Water-based rubber removal

This technique draws on the Rugor technology, which removes the rubber deposited on runways surfaces by landing aircraft, which reduces their adherence.

Our intervention enables airport operators to follow the recommendations of international or national bodies (ICAO, IATA, DGAC, etc.) with regard to the safety of movement areas.

Our water jet rubber removal vehicles have UHP pumps and the most powerful suction devices on the market, as well as filtration units for the used water.

These machines enable us to best meet our customers requirements by taking account of their main constraint: the immobilization of their runway.

Thanks to the power of each rubber removal system component, we can guarantee high levels of output.

Again in line with our demanding environmental policy, our water recycling system considerably reduces the amount of waste produced.

  • UHP pump with pressure adjustable from 1500 to 2500 bar
  • Variable UHP output from 40 to 88 L/mn
  • Suction of between 20,000 and 30,000 cubic metres per hour
  • Water filtration unit processes roughly 6 cubic metres per hour
  • Rubber removal width adjustable from 1.05 to 2.45 m

Markings removal

We can clean aprons, movement areas or even peripheral access roads, to recondition them, modify the surface markings or bring them up to required standards.

  • Pressure adjustable from 1500 to 2500 bar
  • Width of treaded surfaces adjustable from 0.35 to 1.05 m

Degreasing aircraft stands

We clean aircraft parking and airport storage areas after accidental spillages of oil, fuel or any other contaminant during refuelling operations, which can damage the surfaces. With their adjustable pressure, our vehicles can adapt to best advantage to different surfaces and conditions.

  • Pressure adjustable from 1500 to 2500 bar
  • Cleaning width adjustable from 1.05 to 2.45 m

Friction characteristics measurement (adherence/CLF (coefficient of longitudinal friction))

In order to best meet the requirements of airport operators all over the world, JB BONNEFOND has acquired three self-wetting devices that continuously measure friction (CLF) to verify the adherence of runway surfaces.

These tests are performed both to monitor the surfaces, as recommended by the ICAO, and to inspect them after rubber removal, reconditioning or reconstruction works. They can also help in working out a maintenance schedule for movement areas in order to adapt rubber removal activity to changes in traffic on the platform.