Collection of hazardous industrial waste

There are strict regulations governing the disposal of hazardous industrial waste. Our experienced professionals are there to:

  • Study your precise requirements,
  • Advise you in determining the recycling or treatment centers matching your type of waste,
  • Handle the rapid removal of your hazardous industrial waste. Our experts can intervene nationwide and in parts of Europe.

JB BONNEFOND ENVIRONNEMENT has a fleet of fifty vehicles suitable for all types of hazardous waste transportation (ADR vehicles), and bulk or packed liquids and solids.

  • Tractor units, straight trucks equipped with vacuum pumps,
  • Trailers, articulated tank, skip, platform trucks,
  • Trucks equipped with cranes, power tailgates.

To help you store your hazardous waste in an organized manner, we also rent out tanks and skips.
Our waste tracking processes comply with our commitment to environmental protection. 

We offer the following services:

  • Analysis and advice on efficient and rapid transfer
  • Transportation of:
    • Liquid and pasty waste (in bulk in tanks)
    • Solid waste (in bulk in skips)
    • Packaged waste (pallets, containers)
  • Collection of pyranol transformers (PCB)
  • Renting skips and storage tanks