Hydro-regeneration of road surfaces

Always seeking to innovate, in 2002 JB BONNEFOND ENVIRONNEMENT took over the road and track hydro-regeneration business of company Jean Lefebvre, using RUGOR® equipment.

In 2006 and drawing on its thorough knowledge of hydrodynamic techniques, JB BONNEFOND ENVIRONNEMENT developed the RUGOR 2® machine.


This Rugor 2 vehicle is equipped with:

  • A UHP 600 hp pump., 2500 bar, 88 L/min,
  • A suction unit (for removal of road surface material),
  • A filtration unit with an 80 KVA generating set (for recycling the water),
  • Road signage (mobile work site, revolving lights).

The RUGOR 2® process consists in projecting ultra high-pressure water with rotating sets of multi-jets, which improve friction by increasing the roughness of road surfaces without damaging the treated surface.

Our experts assess the needs of the surface then adjust the working pressure (from 1800 to 2500 bar), the height and rotation speed of the ultra high-pressure jets and the forward speed, for maximum consistency. 

The RUGOR 2 ® is used throughout France and abroad, on roads, motorways and motor-racing circuits for:

  • Pulse jet cleaning porous asphalt
  • Jetting road surfaces (rendering, ECF, etc.)
  • Sand-blasting aprons on structural work
  • Removal of surplus surface mortar