On major civil engineering structures, hydrodemolition removes unhealthy concrete without affecting its steel reinforcement and without generating vibrations or sparks. This technique requires a perfect balance between flow rate and pressure.
To best meet our customers' requirements, we have a fleet of vehicles with:

  • Very high pressure pumps (545 to 840 h.p., 1000 to 1300 bar and 200 to 260 litres per minute),
  • Ultra-high pressure pumps (2500 to 3000 bar and 21 to 26 litres per minute).

We intervene nationwide and abroad in many fields of application.

  • HYDRODEMOLITION: depths can vary from 3 cm to more than 1 metre
    • On the ground: creation of slots and box-outs, clearing road joints, etc.
    • Vertical: Up to a height of 12 m (robotized), up to a height of 50 m with an aerial lift or scaffolding, reaming expansion joints
    • On undersides: Corbelling ridges and maintenance of structural works
  • WATER JET SCRUBBING: from 1 to 5 mm
    • Surface coatings and seals: Baralastique, Nitocate, Bre-epoxy...
    • Paintwork

These operations can be robotized or manual, depending on access or your needs, we have:

  • Aquacuter diesel robots,
  • Conjet electric robots,
  • Aquafram or Nalta robots (moving frames for lateral reach work).
  • WATER JET CUTTING: we have an ultra high-pressure (2500 bar) water jet cutting system with added abrasive that generates no sparks, required for certain high-risk operations. We can cut:
    • Spherical tanks or steel tanks
    • Reinforced T-beams
    • Resins, etc.