Network diagnostics

This service is central to our sanitation and sewerage maintenance activities as it provides concrete data on the condition of your pipes.

To guarantee the quality of our inspections, before camera inspection we routinely purify the systems.

On completion, we:

  • Give you an inspection report and a DVD,
  • Provide a block diagram of the installation,
  • Update your as-built drawings.

In line with our demanding quality standards, the cameras and monitoring instruments are calibrated and verified every year.

Along with CCTV inspection, we also do leak detection. For this type of service, we take charge of:

Diagnosing the leak,

  • Accessing the pipe (for a buried pipe or pipe behind a partition),
  • Replacing the pipe,
  • Restoring the home to its previous state (brickwork, paintwork, tiling). 

We offer the following services on a daily basis:

  • CCTV inspection of systems between 100 and 1000 mm in diameter
  • Airtightness and watertightness tests of pipework 
  • Compaction test 
  • Radio detection
  • Leak detection by fumigation, colorimetry, acoustics, infrared camera or earthworks
  • Fitting spool pieces without opening trenches
  • Updating as-built drawings