Real estate hygiene - 3D

An integral part of the company's business for twenty years, our building hygiene service is guided by numerous quality criteria.

Aware that as far as buildings are concerned interventions cannot wait, we are structured to solve your problems in a few hours with our 24/7 on-call service.

Our teams work on a daily basis for numerous residential customers, social housing providers or managing agents.

We have specialized vehicles for delivering such services that enable easy access to buildings (lowered for access to basements) or equipped with hot water for more effective disinfection.

We offer also rat extermination, disinfection and insect control services (3D).

To be environmentally friendly, we use solvent-free and wherever possible “organic” products, mainly for disinfection purposes (98% biodegradable). 

We offer the following services on a daily basis:

  • Purification of horizontal and riser pipes (up to 20 floors)
  • Bacteriological and ultrasound treatment of riser pipes
  • Uncorking lavatories, sinks, bathtubs, etc. 
  • Extermination of rats and all rodents
  • Insect control of all harmful insects (bed bugs, cockroaches, etc.)
  • Disinfection after death or house or business moves (cellars, garages, etc.)
  • Uncorking and maintenance of rubbish chutes
  • Clearing and removing bulky waste 
  • Degreasing kitchen extractor hoods