We have over 100 years' experience in sanitation services.
For all project, we assign:

  • A wide range of efficient vehicles, ranging from the lowered truck (3.5 T) to the hydro-cleansing trucks equipped with a recycling system (32 T),
  • An experienced and competent team composed of specialists who often have more than 15 years of seniority.

In order to offer you always more service and flexibility, we have set up a 24/7 * on-call service comprising a duty manager and several intervention teams.
After each operation, you receive a report mentioning the works carried out and the anomalies detected.


* Subject to conditions: On weekdays, as per contract. On weekends or public holidays: service available to all customers at higher charges.

We provide the following services:

  • Purification of indoor/outdoor systems
  • Draining watertight pits, septic tanks, all-water tanks, sumps…
  • Draining grease-removal tanks, oil separators, de-silting equipment…
  • Pumping cesspits
  • Cleaning all types of sanitation systems
  • Purifying and maintaining wastewater treatment plants
  • Purifying infrastructures (sewers accessible for inspection, sewer overflows, etc.)